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[EU] Rustease 2X | No BP Wipe | Monthly | Max 5 Server Image
[EU] Rustease 2X | No BP Wipe | Monthly | Max 5 discord.gg/rustease
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[EU] Rustease Test Environment Server Image
[EU] Rustease Test Environment Procedural Map
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A vending machine in Rust


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  1. Be nice and show respect to other players.
  2. Only English allowed in global chat.
  3. Exploiting the RemoveTool in any way is not allowed.
  4. Only contact an admin if you are in need of help or if there is a problem. Admin should not be involved in the gameplay.
  5. Advertisements, commercials or promotions are not allowed unless it's related to Rustease. Self promotion can be done in the self-promote channel in our Discord.
  6. You will only be warned once! The admin always has the final decision, arguing with the admin can lead to a definitive ban.

  1. Maximum of 5 players per TC/Base/Compound (Group Size).
  2. Maximum of 5 players per Team/Alliance (Team Size).
  3. All players/members of a base must be authorized on the TC.
  4. Exploiting of the Offline Raid Protection system is not allowed.
  5. If a player leaves your team, it is recommended to replace your TC.

  1. It is not allowed to intentionally grief other players. This includes but are not limited to:
  2. Intentionally destroying turrets/deployables without actually raiding a base.
  3. Placing TC's around other players bases, blocking them from building.
  4. Sending MLRS on another player/base without committing to a raid.
  5. Building unecessary bases close to other players is not allowed.

  1. Convoy base turrets must be in peacekeeper mode/turned off when you are offline. Automatically stopping/hindering the convoy for other players when you are offline is not allowed.
  2. Max 10 horses allowed per team/player or base.


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